Welcome to Slovakia

Our intension is to bring the Slovakian customers good quality imports and level premium commodity of each raw materials from several places around the world. Export of refractory products from Slovakian refractory producers is also one of our specialties. We provide for Slovakian customers transport solutions and all services around . Do not hesitate to ask us if you need a competent Partner in middle of Slovakia.

Our Team

  • Maros Reken - managing director.
  • Branislav Durjancik - manager for business and logistics.
  • Lydia Novosadova - manager for economy and finance.


The most common mineral compounds are categorised under the term magnesia which occur naturally are: Magnesite, hydromagnesite, Brucite, Periclase

  • Mining of magnesite
  • Dead burned magnesite
  • Fused magnesite
  • Caustic calcined magnesite
  • Flake graphite